QLD Proformas

Able Adjudication has developed proformas that users of the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 QLD may wish to consider. Just click the following links for sample proformas:

1. Payment Claim {Word Format}

2. Payment Schedule {Word Format}

3. s21(2) notice (second chance notice) {Word Format}

4. Adjudication Application (See submissions for supporting documents)

6. Response Example Format {Response Word Format}

7. Adjudication Certificate Request (apply to QBCC)

8. QLD Department of Justice and Attorney-General Statutory Declaration

If you do intend using a Statutory Declaration then you need to understand your responsibilities under the QLD Oaths Act 1867 and you need the declaration to be witnessed and signed by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations.  The QLD Department of Justice and Attorney-General provides information on what these persons do and how you can find someone in your area.  Just click here for the link.

It is  good practice to keep evidence of service of any document used under the legislation such as facimile receipt, registered post receipts and courier receipts etc so that you can demonstrate to the adjudicator when the other party received the document.

Sample Proforma Disclaimer

Able Adjudication is trying to make life easier for those using the Act however, these sample proformas are for guidance purposes only and you should still carefully consider seeking professional assistance in completing any document required under the Act.

Saving the proforma

If you choose to use the sample proformas you can either fill the forms on-line and save to your computer or download first and fill in later.

You can either save the sample proforma as a Word file for further editing or as a PDF file.

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