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Guidance on getting to the stage of making an application can be found here.

To make an adjudication application we ask you to fill in our application pro-forma which has been endorsed by the respective Governments that engage us and is designed to try and make life easier for the adjudicator so that time is not wasted during the adjudication period.

Note – As a result of the QLD 2014 Amendment Act there are no longer Authorised Nominating Authorities (ANA) in QLD as of Monday 15 December 2014.  Industry has to make adjudication applications directly to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.  Able Adjudication will continue to provide guidance on the legislation through our Queensland page

An adjudication application is not just the proforma itself which is just a snapshot of the dispute at hand.  An adjudication application is much more than this and generally consists of:

  1. A Cover letter to Able Adjudication
  2. Application form filled in
  3. Submissions (your story)
  4. Attachments to your story (Tabs)

We provide examples of all these for the various states and territorities at these links:

  1. NSW
  2. ACT
  3. SA
  4. VIC

You can submit your application in various ways:

Electronically (email & facsimile)

This is the fastest way to get an application to us and we accept documentation up until midnight. Our system currently can easily manage files up to 5Mb. A 60 page facsimile is in the order of 2Mb and you should check your file sizes before sending by email.

If sending multiple emails/facsimiles mark them in order so we can put them in the order you want them to be. For example you might want to send 4 emails of varying sizes however, we might receive the smaller emails first out of order.  So you could title the emails “Email 1”, “Email 2”, “Email 3” & “Email 4 & last” to make life easier for everyone.

Note service is not effected if our system rejects electronic files that are affected by viruses or are too large for our system.  It is a good idea that you ring us before sending file(s) to ensure they were received correctly.  For email we will endeavour to send a receipt for successful delivery, however we may be unaware of rejected emails and we cannot take responsibility for such failed service.

You can also send the application in by post but you need to be careful that it does not arrive too late.  At the least you should consider using express post or registered post.  If we provide a PO Box in any state then send posted applications to that address to minimise any possible Australia Post delays.

In Person
Delivery in person is also an option but please do so during office hours (9am to 5pm) on working days (no weekends or public holidays) and give us a ring to tell us you are coming.

In all states & territories (except ACT) the Claimant must serve the application onto the Respondent.  You should do so as soon as possible, either at the same time as sending it to us or soon thereafter.  You will need to provide evidence that the application in its entirety was received by the Respondent.

Of course if you are a Respondent sending in an Adjudication Response the same service mechanisms and scenarios above are also applicable to you.

We hope this is beneficial to you and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.




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