QLD Scope

Application of the Act  – Section 3(1)
Exclusions  – Sections 3(2), 3(3) & 3(4)
Resident Owner Definition  – Section 3(5)
Subcontractors Charges Act  – Section 4
Construction Works Definition  – Section 10
Goods and Services Definition  – Section 11


One can read legislation and take the view that the provisions of the Act(s) may apply to one’s particular situation.

Although generally this may be correct care needs to be had in the knowledge that Court judgements provide interpretations of the provisions of the Act(s) and as such a layman’s interpretation may not necessarily be correct in law.

Note that a Supreme Court judgement in one state may be used to provide the Court’s interpretation of legislation in another state if there are similarities between the legislations.

The above links are provided for guidance only and one should consider seeking legal and/or appropriate professional advice to ensure the correct interpretation is applied to your particular situation.

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