It can be daunting when you do something for the first time and you may only apply for adjudication once in your business career so of course you will want to get it right. The Security of Payment Acts can be very unforgiving in compliance with some wording, timeframes and contractual requirements.

Parties must comply with the relevant Act and Adjudicators will strictly apply the requirements of the legislation so getting it right all the way through the process is an essential ingredient towards have a payment dispute adjudicated successfully.

Hence Able Adjudication has generated tick & flick “Checklists” for industry participants to quickly review whether they are on the right track with simple basic questions to help you.  Of course not every situation is simple or basic but these checklists could be of help.

If you are unsure of your situation and you wish to obtain a full appreciation of your rights and obligations it is recommended that you consult the Act or obtain legal advice.

  1. QLD Adjudication Checklist in {Word} or {PDF}
  2. NSW Adjudication Checklist in {Word} or {PDF}
  3. ACT Adjudication Checklist in {Word} or {PDF}

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