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Able Adjudication’s Managing Director is Jon Facey.

Jon has more than 28 years experience in the Commonwealth and State Public Sectors undertaking roles in engineering, contract development, contract management, contract administration, policy development and policy implementation.

Jon was an integral member of the NSW Government Department of Commerce’s project team which reviewed the original 1999 Act, undertook industry consultation, developed and guided the NSW 2002 Amendment Act through to assention in March 2003.

Jon was instrumental in the development and circulation of the 2002 Discussion Paper and the 2003 NSW Government’s brochure and information kit which was widely distributed to industry of which much of the information is still being used to this day.

Soon thereafter Jon became the Department of Commerce’s “Manager, Security of Payment” and overseered the implementation of the amended Act and subsequently undertook and completed the 2004 Review of the amended Act. He assisted many industry participants and associations understand the provisions of the amended Act and also assisted both the QLD and Singapore governments develop their own Security of Payment legislation.

Since leaving the Department of Commerce in late 2004 Jon undertook formal training as an adjudicator and has been included as an adjudicator on a number of adjudicator panels and has been nominated for over 200 applications in NSW, VIC, TAS and QLD.  As the Manager of applications made under the respective Security of Payment legislations in NSW, QLD, ACT, SA and Victoria he has successfully overseen the completion of over 1,000 adjudication applications for Able Adjudication since 2009.

Jon is committed to inform and educate industry of the provisions of the legislation and to assist industry help itself in resolving disputes over payment.

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