QLD Adjudication

The QLD Security of Payment legislation is the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 which started QLD adjudication in 2004.

As a result of the QLD 2014 BCIP Amendment Act there are no longer Authorised Nominating Authorities (ANA) in QLD as of Monday 15 December 2014.
Industry has to make adjudication applications directly to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.
However, Able Adjudication will continue to provide guidance on the legislation

The following adjudication process checklist is provided to assist you understand some of the information that may be considered to support your Adjudication application or Adjudication Response.

1. What can be claimed?
2. The Project;
3. Pre- Adjudication processes and events;

Who are you really dealing with?
Service of documents
Reference Date (When you can claim)
Payment Claim
Payment Schedule
Due Date For Payment
Application notice (2nd Chance Notice)
2nd Chance Payment Schedule

4. Ways to Adjudication;
5. The Adjudication Application;
6. The Adjudication Response;
7. The Submissions;
8. Proformas;
9. Fees and Charges.

For more information follow these links:
1. Videos
2. The responsible Government Agency
3. General Information
4. BCIPA 2004
5. 2014 Proclamation
6. 2014 Amendment
7. 2014 Regulation (with Application Fees)
8. QBCC Proposed Adjudication Fees (Dec 14)

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