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Able Adjudication is about helping people use the Security of Payment Act in an attempt to resolve their payment disputes and assist cash flow through adjudication if necessary. Do you need help with a payment dispute and cash flow?  If you are in the Building and Construction game then the Security of Payments Legislation may be able to help you.

Security of Payment Legislation has been in force in Australia since 2000 so it is tried and tested and has passed all challenges and criticisms. In short this type of legislation works and is very effective to get results quickly.

All the Australian States and Territories, New Zealand and Singapore have recognized that Security of Payment legislation schemes resolves payment disputes quickly and assists cash flow down the contract chain for the benefit of contractors, suppliers and employees.

In most cases the legislation keeps the dispute out of the court system but still can provide a court judgment on account. For relevant guidance notes on your Act please read the information provided under each Adjudication Scheme by clicking here.


Able Adjudication has not been accepting new applications from Saturday 27 August 2016 and it is recommended new applications are submitted with Australian Solutions Centre.

Australian Solutions Centre are authorised by the following governments to nominate Adjudicators who can decide on payment disputes in these states and territories:

For all those who have used Able Adjudication since 2009 we thank you for the support.  Although Able Adjudication will no longer be acting as an authorised nominating authority we will continue to provide guidance on the mechanics of the various legislations through our state and territory pages on this website subject to our disclaimer.

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